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Air Conditioning - at Service Express

Most people are unaware that the Air Conditioning system in their car carries out two important functions. The first, of which is the obvious one, keeping you and your passengers cool during the summer. The second is to de-mist the inside of the car during the colder months of the year. The Air Con system removes water particles from the air allowing the interior of the car to dry out and de-mist.

Just as any other system in the car, the Air-Con system needs periodic maintenance and inspection. The Air con system can lose 10% of its refrigerant on a yearly basis giving a poorer performance and taking a longer time to get to operating temperature. To keep the performance of your Air Con at its best you are advised to have the system cleaned and re-charged every two years. This will ensure that whatever the weather, your car's Air Con will work at its best.

The cost to re-gas your Air Con system is £45.00, and is the same price regardless of car*.

To book your car in for the Air Conditioning to be inspected, call the team on 01442 500016.

*£45.00 Air-Con regas only applies to vehicles fitted with R134A Gas. For vehicles fitted with the newer 1234YF gas please call us for a quote


Please feel free to print this voucher and use it the next time you visit us for an Air Con Re-gas.

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