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The exhaust system on every car carries out the same basic functions. These are, carrying harmful exhaust gasses away from the vehicles occupants, removing engine noise and optimising fuel efficiency from the vehicles engine. Maintaining a healthy exhaust system is therefore highly important to give the occupants of the vehicle a quieter and safer journey.

All exhaust systems are made up of the same basic components which are a series of pipes and boxes. If any one of these components fails then it can cause discomfort to the passengers and also attract un-wanted attention from the police.

Under existing regulations the police can remove a vehicle from the road if it is deemed to have excessive amounts of exhaust gasses, or excessive noise being emitted.

The vital part of the exhaust system is the catalytic converter which converts the harmful gasses from the engines combustions chamber to a level that is more environmentally friendly.

For the most competitive price on your exhaust, call the team on 01442 500016.

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